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Pop culture enthusiast, SSMU doller, but just an ordinary woman with not so ordinary interests.
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* Requests are open ONLY for the Soccer Pikachu Series OR SSMU
* I can ONLY do gifts related to SSMU, and it cannot be a complex design I have to do from scratch.
* Points for SSMU or Soccer Pikachu works aren't necessary, but if you want to give points, I'd be more than happy to accept them. I CANNOT accept money for those works, however, since I do not own the franchises, the templates, or SSMU as a whole.

Current Residence: Dallas, Texas
Birth Place: La Mesa, California
Favorite genre of music: Anything except gangster rap or very loud heavy metal.
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Level 24 Team Instinct Member
Favorite Pokémon: Raichu (I have one in almost every game and one Shiny), Gardevoir, Primarina, and all the cat Pokémon
Also a proud Trainer of ELEVEN Shiny Pokémon (including three Shiny Legendaries) and FOUR Mythical Pokémon
Kanto League Champion (LeafGreen), Johto League Champion (Crystal and SoulSilver), Hoenn League Champion (Sapphire and Emerald), Sinnoh League Champion (Pearl), Savior of Unova (White), Kalos League Champion (X), Alola League Champion (Sun and Moon)

Favorite Doctors: Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth
Favorite Companions: River Song, Captain Jack Harkness, K-9, Clara Oswald, and the Pasternoster Gang
Favorite Couple: The Doctor and River Song
Favorite Villain: Anne-Droid
Villains That Scare Me the Most: Weeping Angels
Star Trek fan by Sedma
Favorite Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Favorite Character: Kathryn Janeway
Favorite Couple: Janeway x Chakotay
Favorite Voyager Episodes: Resolutions, Caretaker, Twisted, Tuvix, The Thaw, Threshold, Macrocosm, Coda, Innocence, Counterpoint, Collective, Fair Haven, Message in a Bottle
Favorite TNG Episodes: The Naked Now, Samaritan Snare, Deja Q, Menage a Troi, Remember Me, Data's Day, QPid, Galaxy's Child, Half a Life, Disaster, Attached, and Sub Rosa
Favorite DS9 Episodes: Captive Pursuit, The Forsaken, Profit and Loss
Villains That Scare Me the Most: The Borg
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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2017, 2:47 PM
  • Listening to: Enya and various J-Pop music
  • Watching: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (U.K. Version)
  • Playing: Pokémon Moon
I'm back! And it feels great. I'm doing SSMU dolls in between my non-DA project, which is about 70% done. I might not post as frequently, but I'll continue to do my own SSMU dolls. At the moment, I don't have the luxury of accepting requests, so they will remain closed for now.

I've also been playing Pokémon Moon, which I got for Christmas from my aunt. I started out with a female Popplio, who is now a Primarina (I have a male one in Sun that I got in a trade, since Litten was my starter there), and I just so happened to encounter a Shiny Pokémon! :wow: Of course I had to catch her, and I did! She has since evolved and is one of my main Moon team members I do not wish to trade her for another Pokémon, so please don't ask. I also have a Raichu, like I do in every game except for Yellow and White, and a female Gyarados with a Gentle nature! :giggle: She also knows a move that wouldn't be typically associated with a Gyarados. What is it? I'm not telling. If there's a way I can do a linked battle with a specific person, I'd be happy to show you what it is and the identity of my Shiny Pokémon.

I used to have a Shiny Cleffa on Pokémon Crystal, too, but I lost it after the game cartridge lost the ability to keep saved files. :( The other Shiny Pokémon I have are the Red Gyarados in SoulSilver and a Shiny Golem in Pokémon Pearl I got from a trade with my friend.

In addition to Pokémon Moon, I got Pokémon X from my mother. I managed to get Meloetta via Mystery Gift, but couldn't have it on my team at first due to its high level. Chespin was my starter and my Kanto addition was Charmander.

Well, it's great to be back to doing SSMU dolls again, and I hope you guys will like my new dolls as much as you did my completed ones.


Commissions with nightwing1975

len goodman (SCD)  -  commission by nightwing1975 len goodman (DWTS)  -  commission by nightwing1975 len goodman (SCD) 7  -  commission by nightwing1975 len goodman (DWTS) 7  -  commission by nightwing1975 bruno tonioli (SCD)  -  commission by nightwing1975 bruno tonioli (DWTS)  -  commission by nightwing1975 carrie ann inaba  -  commission by nightwing1975 darcey bussell  -  commission by nightwing1975 craig revel horwood 1  -  commission by nightwing1975 craig revel horwood 10  -  commission by nightwing1975 sir bruce forsyth  -  commission by nightwing1975 tess daly  -  commission by nightwing1975 claudia winkleman  -  commission by nightwing1975 strictly come dancing  -  commission by nightwing1975 brooke burke charvet  -  commission by nightwing1975 tom bergeron  -  commission by nightwing1975 chris tarrant  -  commission by nightwing1975 regis philbin  -  commission by nightwing1975 meredith vieira  -  commission by nightwing1975 dancing with the stars  -  commission by nightwing1975 anne droid  -  commission by nightwing1975 anne robinson  -  commission by nightwing1975 matron cofelia (miss foster)  -  commission by nightwing1975 henrietta (hetty) lange  -  commission by nightwing1975 hatsune miku  -  commission by nightwing1975 kagamine rin  -  commission by nightwing1975 kagamine len by nightwing1975 mario by nightwing1975 freddy fazbear by nightwing1975 enya by nightwing1975 bonnie the bunny by nightwing1975 chica the chicken by nightwing1975 megurine luka by nightwing1975 foxy the pirate (patch down) by nightwing1975 foxy the pirate (patch up) by nightwing1975 golden freddy by nightwing1975 circus baby by nightwing1975 sailor moon by nightwing1975




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